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Spring 2013

All of these courses are open for enrollment! Please sign up for these wonderful, interactive courses.

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Spring 2014 Middle School Courses

We are beginning to add our classes for next year. We will be adding many more classes as the month progresses.

Please click on the course title to begin the registration process. You will receive a confirmation from to the primary email account you entered upon registering.
Course NameTimeMeeting DatesNumber of sessionsInstructorSuggested Grade Level
History: Making of the Modern World, PART TWO1:00 pm EasternMondays, Jan. 13 to Apr. 712Christopher Zehnder8 - 10
Advanced Fiction Writing: The Hero’s Journey and Mythic Structure for Writers; PART TWO 12:00 pm EasternThursdays, Jan. 9 to Feb. 278Erin Brown Conroy8 - 12
Fiction Writing: Authoring a Book: How it Works, What it Takes, and How to Succeed 10:30 am EasternThursdays, Jan. 9 to Jan. 304Erin Brown Conroy7 - 12
Fiction Writing: Plot and Structure 10:30 am EasternThursdays, Feb. 6 to Feb. 274Erin Brown Conroy7 - 12
Fiction Writing: Description and Setting10:30 am EasternThursdays, Mar. 6 to Mar. 274Erin Brown Conroy7 - 12
Introduction to Formal Logic: Thinking with Excellence4:30 pm EasternTuesdays, Jan. 21 to May 714Phillip Campbell7 - 9
American Sign Language I (Level One)11:00 am EasternTuesdays, Jan. 14 to May 48Allison Gingras6 - 9
American Sign Language III (Level Three)11:00 am EasternThursdays, Jan. 16 to Mar. 68Allison Gingras6 - 9
American Sign Language II (Level Two)11:00 am EasternTuesdays, Mar. 11 to May 68Allison Gingras6 - 9
American Sign Language IV (Level Four)11:00 am EasternThursdays, Mar. 13 to May 88Allison Gingras6 - 9
Middle School Writing Essentials: Excellent Sentence and Paragraph Writing2:30 pm EasternThursdays, Jan. 9 to Feb. 136Lisa Mladinich6 - 8
Elements of Writing for Middle School; Essential Punctuation and Grammar 4:00 pm EasternMondays, Jan. 6 to Feb. 106Lisa Mladinich6 - 8
Simplified Writing for Middle School Students; Your All-Encompassing Foundational Middle School Writing Course4:00 pm EasternMondays, Feb. 17 to Apr. 78Lisa Mladinich6 - 8
History:World War II:Allies vs. Axis1:00 pm EasternTuesdays, Jan. 14 to Mar. 1810Alison Stanley6 - 8
History: The Glory of Greece4:30 pm EasternThursdays, Jan. 16 to Apr. 1012Phillip Campbell6 - 8
CLASS IS FULL but you can now wait list with our new registration process Literature: Lord of the Rings2:00 pm EasternWednesdays, Jan. 8 to Feb. 126Joseph Pearce8 - 10
Middle School Spanish, Part Two12:30 pm EasternWednesdays, Jan. 8 to Apr. 912 live class plus
12 recorded courses
Irma Luz Schmitt7 - 9
Middle School Writing II: Essays and Papers1:00 pm EasternThursdays, Feb. 20 to Apr. 108Lisa Mladinich6 - 8
How to be an Excellent Student: Note Taking, Test Taking, and How to Get an A12:00 pm EasternThursdays, Mar. 6 to Mar. 274Erin Brown Conroy7 - 10
Beginning Latin for Middle School1:00 pm EasternThursdays, Jan. 9 to Apr. 312Christopher Zehnder7 - 8
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