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2014-15 school year.
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How It Works

So how does our live courses work?  What does my student need to attend a course?  We hope to answer these questions as well as others here.

What equipment is necessary…

  • A computer usually purchased within the last five years is more than sufficient.  It can be a PC, MAC, or mobile device including iPad or Android tablet.
  • A DSL connection or better is recommended.  The connection should allow between 3 - 5 megabytes per second or greater.  Go to to determine your connection speed.
  • A headset with a microphone (see picture)

Before class actually begins…

  1. Upon registration, you will receive an confirmation email.  This email contains your in-class instructions as well as the link you use to attend the live course.  It also contains a link to cancel your enrollment in case that is necessary as well.
  2. You will also receive an email from within 2 weeks of the semester providing you with the login instructions for our course management system.

1st Day of Class

  1. Student will receive an automated emails approximately 2 hours before class begins. This email contains the link to the course so the student can join the class at the designated time (ex. 10 am ET).  Note: we strongly encourage students to join at least 15 minutes early.
  2. One of our Course Monitors will kick off the course and introduce how to participate in the live course using chat, your computer microphone to ask questions, and the annotation or drawing tools.
  3. Instructor and Course Monitor will proceed to support the students for the duration of the 1st class and remaining classes.

Offline Tool

We use a very popular tool for instructors to support the students in accessing the course materials, assignments, and class recordings.  Depending on the course and instructor, the students will take quizzes online, turn in their papers, and any other responsibility the students are asked to perform during the course.  The student will also receive their grades online.

This tool is specific to Homeschool Connections and not accessible to anyone outside the course.


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