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The Catholic History Project DVD:
“The Origins of Monasticism”

If you’re looking for a DVD that you can watch together as a family – or to use in your homeschool, to give your child a strong foundation of Church history –then The Catholic History Project is what you’ve been looking for.  It’s…


With this DVD, you get…

  • Personal one-on-one teaching presented through live-action and historical pictures
  • A fun way to introduce your son and daughter to Church history
  • Insight and history on the development of monasticism and its effects on civilization
  • A DVD that your son and daughter can learn and grow from
  • A DVD that YOU can learn and grow from (!)
  • A DVD that you can watch together as a family
  • Understanding of monasticism’s effects on civilization
  • A way to give your family a stronger understanding the Church, to grow your faith

Here’s a more in-depth description of the DVD:

Homeschool Connections’ Origins of Monasticism DVD is an introduction to the theological and historical origins of Christian monasticism and examines the importance of monasticism in the development of the Church and conversion of Europe.

In this video, Homeschool Connections history tutor Phillip Campbell traces the development of Christian monasticism from the days of the virgin-martyrs of the Roman persecution to the desert fathers of Egypt. Then the viewer moves west to the establishment of Benedictine monasticism throughout Europe, demonstrating how Catholic monasticism was fundamental in building western civilization and bringing the pagan peoples of northern Europe into the Catholic fold. Interspersed with Catechism references, biblical passages, and dramatic retelling of events from the lives of the saints, this video brings Church history alive in a vivid and faith-building format.

Educational enough for adults and older children to enjoy but colorful and comedic enough for younger viewers, Origins of Monasticism is the perfect supplemental resource for families studying the early history of the Catholic Church.

Play the video below to learn more about this wonderful DVD.
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Why get this DVD?

  • It’s an easy way to learn – for kids and parents, new and experienced, young and old
  • It’s memorable and more “fun” for your kids and teens, to get interested in things of the Church
  • It’s full of information that would take you hours to learn, on your own – but you get it here, all put together for you in one place
  • It’s full of live discussion and historical artwork that brings the ideas alive
  • It has explanations that make sense and are clear
  • It has humor, as well as serious moments, that your family will enjoy

Buy this DVD now…

How much does it cost?

The DVD is just $15 plus shipping…

How long is the DVD?

Approx. 45 minutes not including the bloopers.  The bloopers add an additional 4 minutes.

- Get it now –

If I have other questions about it who can I contact?

Please contact us at or call 888-372-4757.

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