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What are we hearing from our students and participants…

From our students taking Ed Rivet’s class:

  • “Overall this program worked very well to help me understand the government and i think the federal legislatures should also take this class.”
  • “the class was fantastic! I really enjoyed it!”
  • “Thanks for teaching this class…. I really enjoyed it and I felt like it gave me a better understanding of my government.”
  • “I loved this class!”
  • “NICE JOB!!!!! I really enjoyed the class and I am thankful I did it. The course gave me a basic yet essential understanding of how our government works that I never had before. Thanks a bunch!”

From our students taking Dr. Russell’s Literature class:

  • “I enjoyed the class! Dr. Russell is great!”
  • “It was a great class, I loved having Dr. Russell as a teacher-also a huge thank you to Mrs. Wittmann :)”
  • “I have never really been interested in literature, but Dr.Russel has really helped me appreciate it allot more.”

What are we hearing from our parents…

  • “Mr. Rivet, may I just  tell you how much “I” enjoyed your class—we put you on the large screen tv for your lectures. I am so thankful for your commitment and direction and light-heartedness! ! !
  • “Dr. Russell definitely instilled a new love for literature in my daughter.”


Also, the Catholic College Webinars…

  • “The college webinars have been great!   Megan and I have learned a lot, and she is even considering a few colleges she was not considering before. It is amazing how different each college is!  What a blessing to have such wonderful choices! Thank you for again for hosting these webinars!”
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