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FAQs for our courses

What are the system requirements for the courses?

Usually, a computer purchased in the last five years, a DSL or better connection to the internet, and a headset with microphone.  If you go to you will be able to diagnose your internet connection speed.  If your speed is 5 mbps on the download and 3 mbps on the upload your connection should be sufficient.

How much does it cost to attend the courses?

The price per course varies.  We do however encourage students to sign up early for our reduced price structure.  Also, we offer frequent coupons to help lower the costs for you.  Please sign up for our newsletter for the latest in our course and coupon offerings.  You can do this from the upper right corner of this page.

 Who are the courses intended for?

Primarily, the courses are intended for junior high and senior high age students.

Also, we have received alot of interest from adults who would like to audit the class.  It is possible but it is usually at the discretion of the instructor.  Please contact us at if you have any interest in auditing.

How long are the courses?  How frequent?

The courses are usually from 4-12 weeks and the classes are usually held weekly.  Some courses meet twice a week.

Does each class have assignments for students?

Not all of them do.  It depends upon the instructor.  Some classes are designed to be strictly lecture.  Some involve homework assignments that is graded and posted on our Moodle (or learning management) site.    There is no additional cost for the Moodle application.

How much does the curriculum cost that accompanies the course?

It depends upon the class and the instructor requirements.  Most of our classes only use web resources that are free and extremely accessible.  Other classes only ask that you purchase a book or two.  Almost all of the assignments are issued in soft copy form or through Moodle.  In short, the cost for the curriculum is quite minimal.

How do I sign up for your email updates?

Go to the upper right corner of this page and click on the link to sign up for the email updates.  We only need your email address.  We send our updates once every two weeks so that your inbox does not get too full.

What if I or my student does not like the class?

Beginning with course registrations after January 1, 2012 our refund policy is as follows:  We will refund 95% of the course fee for cancellations made up to 1 week before the first day of class. Up to 1 week following the first class, we will refund 50% of the course fee plus 40% credit for a future course (must be used within one year).  Written notification is required prior to the second class if you would like to receive the partial refund. Please allow for 4-6 weeks following the beginning of the intended course for processing of refund payment or credit.


FAQs for our free webinars

What are the system requirements for the webinars?

Usually, a computer purchased in the last seven years, a DSL or better connection to the internet, and a headset with microphone.

How do I register for the webinars and courses?

You can click on the title link to each course or webinar.  From there if there are any applicable coupons or early registration discounts you will be able to apply them.

How much does it cost to attend the webinars?

Nothing!  The webinars are absolutely and always free.

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