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What is it like to take a course with Homeschool Connections?

Please visit My Homeschool 101 for a wonderful perspective on the experience our classes provide.  Here is a sample of her noted experience…

1. It’s Catholic. Genuinely Catholic, not pretending so they can get an agenda across, just lovingly, happily, Catholic.

2. The teacher seems to genuinely enjoy working with the kids. She made the class fun and Dd#1 really appreciated her encouraging feedback.

3. The way the kids can interact with each other using the rolling text chat helps them tease, have fun and get to know each other. Within the first few classes, we were tossing around names of kids whom I’d never met, but with whom Dd#1 seemed to have made a connection. (a “homeschool connection”)

4. She learned a TON and I DIDN’T have to disrupt anyone else’s school and I DIDN’T have to get everyone out of the house (it can be like herding cats) and I DIDN’T have to drive around town and I DIDN’T have to waste time in the car and I DIDN’T have to pay for gas….so many things about this work for me.

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  1. I love taking these classes! This blog post captures everything I thought about taking classes with HSC :)

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